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 English Airlines shortcut? English Airlines shortcut? English Airlines shortcut? Company Abbreviation, Abbreviation, Australian National Shipping, Shipping Company, ANL US, President, Limited Special Shipping, American President APL Bangnai Shipping Co., Ltd. An abbreviation for English Airlines. Abbreviation Compan Australian National Shipping Company ANL Shipping American President Private Limited Shipping US President APL Bangnai Shipping Co., Ltd. Bona Beauty BNML Baltic Shipping Company Baltic BOL Zhongbo Steamship Co., Ltd. Zhongbo CP South America Post South American Post CLAN SA National Company of America Chilean in Chile China-Japan Transportation CCNI Ferry Company Limited China-Japan Ferries CHINJIF Tianjing Shipping Tianjing Shipping CK CMA CGM, CMA CGM Jinghan Shipping Co., Ltd. Jinghan Shipping CO-HEUNG China Ocean Shipping Shipping Transport Container Transport Co., Ltd. COSCON COSCO

Chaoyang Commercial Shipping Co., Ltd. Chaoyang Commercial Shipping Co., Ltd. Zhuyang Damo International Shipping Company Dafa International DELIMAS German Victory Shipping Company SINATOR International Shipping Company EIL Evergreen Marine Co., Ltd. Fergreen Marine FESCO Blonde Shipping, Ltd. GFNG Haozhou Shipping Company HCSC Hanjin Shipping Co., Ltd. Hanjin HANJIN Shipping Company Hong Kong Shipping Company Limited HKMSH Hong Kong Ming Wah Co., Ltd. Hong Kong Ming Wah Corporation HKMW Hapag-Lloyd Shipping Co., Ltd. Hapag-Lloyd HAPPAG-LLOYD Hyundai Maritime Trading Co., Ltd. Hyundai Maritime Trading Company Hyundai Shanghai Ship Heilong Co., Ltd. HNT Jinhua Shipping Co., Ltd. JH Kawasaki Steamship Co., Ltd. Ltd. SSCL Shangh ai Yuhai Shipping Company, SYH

Shanghai Zhongfu Shipping Company Zhongfu Ship SZFSC Mexico Shipping Co., Ltd. Mexico Shipping TMM Shanghai Tianhai Freight Co., Ltd. Tianhai Shipping TMSC Eastern Airlines Shipping Co., Ltd. Shipping Lines TOHO Ningbo Panyang Shipping Co., Ltd. Ningbo Baniyang TOS United Arab Emirates Ship Company UASC Lirong Shipping Co., Ltd. Lirong Shipping UNIGLORY Global Shipping Co., Ltd. UNIWD Wanhai Shipping Co., Ltd. Wanhai Shipping WANHAI Weihang Shipping Co., Ltd. Weihang Shipping WH Yang Yangming Yangming Shipping Co Yangming Shipping Co., Ltd. ZIM Zhejiang Ocean Shipping Company, ZheCO Ocean ZOSCO Lianfeng Shipping Co., Ltd. Lianfeng Shipping LIFEN Italian Post Company Italian Post Company LT Malaysia International Shipping Co., Ltd. Malaysia Shipping by MISC Merchant Marine Mitsui Co., Ltd. Merchant Marine Company Limited, MSC Maersk Sealand Co., Ltd. Maersk SEALAND M insheng Shenyuan Shipping Co., Ltd. Minsh Engineer Shenyuan MSKM Taikoo Shipping Agency Co., Ltd. Taikoo NGPL Shipping Agency Tiehang Jihua Shipping Co., Ltd. Tiehang Zhahua P&O NEDLLOYD Singapore Haihuang Steamship Co., Ltd. .. North Asian Shipping Company Nurasia Ningbo Ocean Shipping Company Ningbo Ocean Ocean NOSCO Nanxing Shipping Co., Ltd. Nanxing Shipping NS Saudi Arabia National Shipping Company Saudi Shipping NSCSA Nippon Yusen Co., Ltd. Nippon Yusen NYK Orient Overseas Container Shipping Co. OOCL OOCLSamdara Shipping Samdara SAMUDERA Taiping Shipping Co., Ltd. Taiping Shipping PIL Panyang Merchant Marine Co., Ltd. Panyang Merchant Marine POBU Rickmers Steamship Company Rickmers USA-China Sea-Land Intermodal (China) Limited South Africa National Steamship Limited SAF Toei Shipping Co., Ltd. Toei Shipping SBL Shanghai International Ferry Co., Ltd. China CSD Shipping Development Co., Ltd. Changjin Co., Ltd. Changjin SINKO Shanghai Jinjiang Shipping Co., Ltd. Shipping JINJIANG Sinotrans (Group) Sinotrans Corporation SINOTRANS

Zhixiao Refill Co., Ltd. Zhixiao Refill SSC
The first column in the graph is for "forwarding." This is because one of my biggest problems, and many others, is that the URL shortening service leads to a "301 redirect" to the full URL. This number indicates the code that the web server (or search engine) releases when requesting the URL.

301 redirect says that the requested URL (shortened URL) has been "permanently" moved to the long URL. Since it is a permanent redirect, search engines that find links to short URLs will add credit for all of these links to the long URL (see the SEO section: Redirects and transport sites in the GES Member Library for more information on redirecting Guidance).

In contrast, 302 redirection is "temporary." If released, search engines assume that the shortened URL is the "real" URL and is temporarily referenced elsewhere. This means that the link credit does not go to the long URL.

In short, if you hope that the links you type lead to create a link credit for your website, you want a service that issues 301 redirects. Also, keep in mind that while 301 may be released today, a default service can switch to 302 directives at Anytime (and if they did, I hope their contempt would be poured out).

Are Twitter Links Really Important? I mean, it's not like search engines really find these URLs, right?

Error. Think of this search on Google:

This returns 27 links to a story I tweeted last week. Many of these links are on the Twitter pages themselves, when other people retweet my link. But some come from FriendFeed, others still come from places like BusinessWeek, which include Twitter links to various topics.

The bottom line is that when you tweet a link, you have no idea where or how it will circulate - but if it does spread out, then why doesn’t it guarantee your site gets the right credit for that? So you get to redirect 301!

On the graph, you can see which services perform 301 redirects (good - hence green) versus 302 redirects (bad - therefore red). One service (Twurl / Tweetburner) issues the code 303. I have no idea how search engines handle this, but it is unusual to report it in red (Matt Cutts told Google that he thinks Google might treat 303s as 302s).

Finally, do you want to test things yourself? tool. Enter the shortened URL in the URL box, deselect and submit the "Auto Follow" box. Then see to see the code reported.


Were people clicking on your URLs tweeting with them? A service like Google Analytics can show you traffic from Twitter, but you may want to dig deeper than it allows. A number of URL shortening services provide tracking statistics, which in turn range from basic reports to comprehensive reports.
But if all things are equal, it makes sense to choose a service that provides tracking. Why don't you have the data if you want it?

For me, tracking is an important feature. This is why the services you offer get green forever on the chart and those that lack it in red for evil.


Nothing is more annoying than tweeting the link with the URL shortening tool, then getting people replying to Twitter that the link isn't working, because the URL shortening service has stopped.

Unfortunately, I don't know of any regular metrics for the most stable service, so there is no stabilization column in the huge chart above. I assume that those who obtain financing and partnerships are more likely to solve capacity problems than others.

Aside from the problems of short-term stability, there is also a long-term consideration. What happens if the service is stopped, as happened to Zi.ma? If the service is permanently disrupted, it will remove all those links that were passing credit to your site with it. With Zi.ma, fortunately, Kl.am managed to keep these links working. But they could have gone on forever.

TinyURL has been around since 2002, so it has some place in space. The latest Bit.ly service recently raised $ 2 million in funding, indicating that it has some people ready to dump money in its future. But neither standing nor investment are a guarantee of long-term success.

Twitter customer support

Instead of good stability stats, I would prefer a regression toward relying on services with a lot of use or being integrated into Twitter customers. These receive many visits, which must be translated into someone who decides that they are of value, even if exact revenue models are still in operation.

Twitstat is a service that reports customer metrics (hat to Mashable when this resource is discovered). Main existing clients:

Twitter [web]: 28% then, who are the customers providing support for any URL shortcuts? The huge chart summarizes this above. Any virtual service in one or more clients is forever green. Red indicates that they have had no partnerships (or are losing one's tweet).

Twitter itself is used.
I think it's a nice feature of a service that allows custom designation, so the ones that provide it are highlighted in green on the graph - the ones that don't, in red. Here's a tip. Once a specific custom name is taken, it disappears. If you want to protect your brand, you can register any custom URLs you really want.


Some URL shortener tools share the most common or interesting URLs clicked through their services. This could be a benefit to use a particular service. It can bring you added traffic. However, in my survey, a few of the sites submitting the post did so in a way (or seem to have enough traffic) to make this a compelling option for the feature. It is a minor benefit and not significant at the present time. This is why regardless of whether they are offered, all services are orange.

Quick feed:

Bit.ly shows popular links on his Twitter feed here
Kl.am displays the most popular links on its homepage
Plurl displays the most recent URLs on its home page
POPrl shows the most popular links on its home page
Snurl displays "Exciting Clips" in the "Browse Clips" tab
Tweetburner displays the most popular URLs in the last hour and the ones that got the most clicks in the last hour
Short.ie shows the most popular and active users
Eweri should show popular and most recent URLs on its homepage, but this hasn't worked for two days in a row
Country of Origin

The country of origin (IE, where the domain name is registered, and not where the service is based) is something to consider, when the providers are concerned in order for some of these services to obtain these short domain names, names have been registered in countries outside of Track A.. As of now, I don't know which country has a particularly proven track record when it comes to domain names. So this is probably a slight concern. I have indicated countries on the chart but I marked them all orange, for neutral.

Dealing with parameters

Do you want to retweet Google search? Some URL shortener tools can't handle parameters in URL, so are all these things? And & icons. Consider this movie time search:

Put that into some URL shortcuts, and they're cut off - will they ignore everything from? Forward and direct people to the Google homepage. So when choosing a service, this is another factor to consider.

In my test, Short.ie only appeared as unable to handle parameters.

What we use

When determining URL shortcuts to review, focus on those created by customers. As she explained, this indicates that they will have some stability.

There are also some more commonly used metrics like tweetmeme (ff.im are listed there, but this is simply a FriendFeed internal default tool and not something I can see you can use manually. Heavy use is another sign of stability, especially if people actively switch to a service that does not It has the natural advantage of customer integration.

I also did a short survey this week, and asked people on Twitter what they were using. I received 233 answers, which may help people make decisions among the options summarized at the end of this article.
Half (49%) said it was to save space. Only 16% said they wanted to track, although 25% said they wanted both. Among the "other" reasons was the maintenance of the brand or it was easy (since it is integrated).

I also allow people to leave open comments on why they use these services, what they would like to see from them or any other ideas. I picked them up below on common themes:

Comments on specific services

I use bit.ly by choice when I redirect to techmeme so I can track. I also liked bit.ly Analytics and the fact that it tracks signals / clicks on Twitter / Friends. tinyurl is the default twitter, I'm not sure why. Twitter should run short URL auctions and get some revenue, which will remove tinyurl. 11 characters vs. 6. bitf is the only default option for posting from FriendFeed on Twitter. I hope they offer bit.ly so you can track clicks. They also don't like URLs that frame content and place ads.
The only problem with bit.ly is that they often use lowercase L and uppercase I that look very much alike.
I like the button on the Google bar that automatically posts to Twitter in adjacent mode. However, you don't like the ad part ... you need to find a different part that has a good feature without the bad.
Is.gd contains the shortest URLs I have ever seen, but sometimes the associated site name (which can be misleading to readers) gets distorted when used on PowerTwitter. Redirects always seem to work.
Kl.am is great, but I hope I have more control over deleting my URLs when I no longer need them. It looks like it will be easy to add it there.
I like the custom url and the tracking functions for tr.im. Hear the good stuff on bit.ly too.
Tinyurl is the only one I remember when I want to shorten the Twitter link.
Tr.im works for me because it has tracking and integration of the Twitter and Firefox wizard. It just works, you had no problem with that.
The little Tweetie integration in the iPhone app is great!
Tr.im's Twitter is useful because it's one less step to copy and paste. Hope it gives you the last tweet, then you can easily reply to the follow-up.
Although I didn't give much thought to this decision, I do appreciate the exotic TinyArrows characters and the very small URLs.
Malicious link concerns

You must trust the person because you cannot trust the link.
I'm concerned about hiding malicious links in short links - I got a prank this week. Not a big deal in this case, but could it be a problem?
It's frustrating that you usually have to click to see what the link is. Cannot obtain proof of domain name.
I know that it is inevitable, but I do not like not being able to know the website that I am about to visit or, in addition, not seeing the link for memory purposes. I know that tweeting is necessary due to space issues, but I don't like it when space is not an issue. IE when people post it on blogs, public articles etc. In these cases, use the full URL. I remember sites seeing URLs and when I couldn't see them and all there is is a short URL, the link is no longer meaningful to me. IE can't remember where I read or saw something if I didn't click on a link with the site name. Maybe just, but I feel like it should only be used for space considerations.
I love that they save space, but not knowing where to redirect is annoying at times, when I find the time when I'm going to write a Firefox plugin or greasemonkey script to change the title attribute to contain the actual url by decoding or solving shortcuts url, like shortcuts at the same time Today
It would be nice if the page content was somehow reflected in the shortened URL so that people who were not used to seeing short URLs did not trust that they would go to a safe / relevant site. I have no idea how this will work!
The problem with shortcuts is that the reader doesn't know where the link will go (like YouTube, Slideshare, the company's website, etc.).
Concerns about link death if the service dies

Many links can die when these services die.
I'm just afraid someone will go missing and break all my old links ... but microurl is too long to use with Twitter, IMO.
I am concerned that services will die and leave their URLs shortened as broken orphans. If I'm going to be a market leader, I want some kind of long-term commitment.
I've found that I like to use my short URL service for important links, such as affiliate links on my own sites, which I control. If a default service is down, I don't want my important links to be at the mercy of that site, but I do want the ability to crawl links and get


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